Land of culinary delights

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In 1901 Don Floro Enciso and Víctor Enciso started what is today one of the oldest family micro-businesses in the country. Three generations producing biscuits with European formulas have placed us in the first place of Colombian pastry, being the pride of our municipality of Villa de guaduas In the Department of Cundinamarca we do not have branches in any other city.

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Amira Reyes is the owner of the El Dorado Restaurant and fishmonger in Puerto Bogotá. Since 1948, his restaurant has been famous for offering fish. And for its preparations, among which the fried widower or the catfish casserole and the sweaty bocachico stand out. She assures that many clients have begun to claim that they only want fish from Magdalena served. The imported one, some assure, has less flavor. 

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Beer and Pola (Policarpa Salavarrieta) if it has an association and is a purely Creole, Colombian origin.

On April 4, 1889, Bavaria was founded as Kopp's Deutsche Brauerei Society. In 1910 "La Pola" beer was launched in his honor.

Even then, beer was a luxury that only the most affluent classes could afford, so Bavaria opted for an economic product capable of competing with the consumption of traditional chicha.

From then on we have the popular custom of mentioning "Pola" beer.

Our gastronomic products

Fiambre Guaduero.

It is served wrapped in viaho leaves with rice, minced meat and vegetables, potatoes, yucca, green bananas, guatila, ahuyama, leg or leg, pork rib bathed in Creole sauce.

Nectar biscuits.

 The best biscuits in the Villa de guaduas, delighting our palates since 1901.

Coffee origin  Villa de guaduas  

 It is an excellent coffee produced and harvested in the Villa de guaduas, by local coffee growers who deliver a part of them in each high quality bean.

Original Villa de guaduas beer. 

We dream of independence, we dream of having our own Colombian beer of excellent quality, made with the greatest care and reviewing every detail and, more importantly, filling with love and happiness, for each person who takes a sip of our beers, Feel the love with the elaborated fuel and discovered a new, unique and sophisticated experience, only a Colombian beer can bring you ... our dream is a dream of INDEPENDENCE, FREE THOUGHT AND DECISION ... our dream is to take from ours!


 La paz de calamoima is a township of the Villa de guaduas, where they make the best cheeses in the region, with local raw materials and high quality.

Chicha liquor 

In the indigenous communities of the Cundiboyacense antiplane, among them the Muiscas in the Bogotá savanna. For them, chicha was considered a special drink, it was offered to Nencatacoa, protector of the weavers, it was also used to celebrate ceremonial acts, but it was not consumed regularly,

Multiple river fish

 Due to its proximity, in the township of Puerto Bogotá, it is possible to taste the delicious Widower of Capaz, Catfish, Nicuro sweating and fish stew, taken directly from the Magdalena River.